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1. James Groves

posted Apr 9, 2012, 8:52 PM by Eddie Woo
I’m writing from my room at Duntroon. I’ve been here since early January, after graduating from ADFA last year.
I am currently studying in I Class, which basically means I am in the Class which is in its final 6 months of training at Duntroon.  There are three 6 month Classes at the College, with civilian recruits starting in III Class and ADFA graduates marching straight into II Class.  I have also recently been appointed Platoon Sergeant, which not only brings responsibility for my floor’s worth of cadets (of all Classes), but also a larger room!
We have just moved into studying Security Operations, such as the Australian Army has performed recently in East Timor and Iraq, which is really interesting and encouraging for us as it seems the most relevant course so far.  After this package we will move onto Combined Arms Warfare which will entail studying the theory and practice of fighting with infantry side-by-side with tanks, with artillery in support and transport for mobility, etc etc.  Once that package is completed and all exams have been passed (ceteris parabis) we will graduate on 14 Dec 04 as Lieutenants.  We will be putting down our preferences for Corps within a few weeks.
I can’t believe it’s all happening so quickly now after 3½ years of such slooooow moving.  I intend to nominate Artillery as my first preference, which is another surprise for me.  After all this time I’d been really pumped up to go to Intelligence, or even Armoured, but I was really stressing for quite a long time over that.  Trying to choose which Corps you will put as ‘first preference’ is a hard feeling to describe.
But Artillery is where my heart is set.  Gradually over the course of my time here at Duntroon I have met some of the most remarkable men, many of whom I hope to model my own leadership style on.