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3. Magdalena Roze

posted Apr 9, 2012, 8:51 PM by Eddie Woo

Magdalena was guest of honour at our Awards Day this year (2010) and gave an inspirational speech. After graduating from James Ruse Agricultural Highschool, Magdalena pursued her passion for journalism and the media by studying a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communication, for which she was awarded a scholarship by Sydney University. During an internship at Channel Nine in her final year, Magdalena was offered a job as a Researcher on travel show "Sydney Getaway." Producing programmes about exotic travel locations inspired Magdalena to pack her bags and experience the world herself. While travelling through London, an exciting opportunity presented itself at the BBC in London. Magdalena ended up working on travel shows and documentaries in the UK for 2 years before returning to Australia where she continued to research and produce television programmes including "Uncharted Territory" and "20 to 1." 

Magdalena then made the transition from Producer to Presenter. Her passion for travel, wealth of television experience and journalistic skills, lead to her being offered the highly coveted Television Reporter role on the National Geographic Channel in Australia and New Zealand. Magdalena is now a Weather Presenter on Foxtel's Weather Channel, where she gets up at 3.30am each day to present the weather to Australians every morning from Monday to Friday. Always driven to be the very best she can in every role, Magdalena decided to undertake a Graduate Diploma in Atmospheric Science at Macquarie University whilst working full time at The Weather Channel in order to become a qualified Meteorologist. 

Magdalena graduated this year with straight High Distinctions and was awarded the Biophysical Environments Prize and the Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society Atmospheric Science Prize for her academic achievements. She is regularly called upon popular news programmes including Sunrise and The Today Show for her weather expertise and presents the weekend weather for Channel Ten's National Morning News every Friday. She is also the weather presenter for dozens of radio stations around Australia including 2GB Sydney. The highlight of her career so far was accepting the award for Best News Coverage at the ASTRA Awards, the Logies of pay Television, for her coverage of Victoria's Black Saturday bushfires. 

Amongst all of this, Magdalena hasn't neglected her passion to travel- she has travelled extensively through New Zealand and the Australian outback, Europe, Asia, South America (including the Galapagos Islands), the Middle East and she just returned from a 3 week holiday in Cuba.

2. Eileen Mak (September 2003 Update)

posted Apr 9, 2012, 8:50 PM by Eddie Woo

The last issue of Gesta Non Verba covered the rUNSWift team’s entry into the 4 legged league of the RoboCup international robotic soccer competition, this is a follow up on the competition result.
After five days of exciting matches, rUNSWift again take honours of being world champion this year.  

For photo of the competition see

1. Eileen Mak

posted Apr 9, 2012, 8:50 PM by Eddie Woo

I’m currently completing my final year software engineering degree at UNSW.  Over the last few months, I have been working with Sony AIBO robots, on a project known as RoboCup.  The next few paragraphs are an official description of the project:
“RoboCup is an international joint project to promote AI, robotics, and related field.  It is an attempt to foster AI and intelligent robotics research by providing a standard problem where a wide range of technologies can be integrated and examined.  RoboCup chose to use soccer game as a central topic of research, aiming at innovations to be applied for socially significant problems and industries.
The ultimate goal of the RoboCup project is by 2050, develop a team of fully autonomous humanoid robots that can win against the human world champion team in soccer.
In order for a robot team to actually perform a soccer game, various technologies must be incorporated including:  design principles of autonomous agents, multi-agent collaboration, strategy acquisition, real-time reasoning, robotics, and sensor-fusion.  RoboCup is a task for a team of multiple fast-moving robots under a dynamic environment.  RoboCup also offers a software platform for research on the software aspects of RoboCup.
One of the major applications of RoboCup technologies is a search and rescue in large scale disaster.  RoboCup initiated RoboCupRescue project to specifically promote research in socially significant issues.”
Our team, named rUNSWift, has been participating in the competition since 1999, and has been world champion twice and came 2nd twice.  Our team is made up of undergraduate computing students, researching Robocup as our honours year thesis, so annually the core team consists of new students, supervised by UNSW and NICTA (National ICT Australia) staffs.
This year, the competition will be held in Padua, Italy from 5th July to 11th July.  There’re only a few more weeks until the competition start, and our robots are under ‘intensive training’.

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