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4. Tim Schmidt

posted Apr 9, 2012, 8:46 PM by Eddie Woo
TIM SCHMIDT (1993) Australian Scientist Wins The Coblentz Award. Dr Tim Schmidt, from the School of Chemistry, has won the 2010 Coblentz Award from US vibrational spectroscopy association, the Coblentz Society, Dr Schmidt is the first Australian to win the Coblentz Award, which is presented annually to an outstanding young molecular spectroscopist under the age of 36. Dr Schmidt will be presented with his award and deliver his Coblentz Award Lecture in June 2010 at the Ohio State University International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy in the US. The international award, which has been presented annually since 1964, includes US $2,000 prize money and a US $500 travel allowance. “The Coblentz Award is a real feather in my cap and recognition of some very fundamental discoveries made over the past few years.” Said Dr Schmidt. “The previous awardees read like a who’s who in my field, so it’s great to be in such company.” 

Dr Schmidt will present his Coblentz Award Lecture in Ohio on ‘Enhanced Interrogation of Radicals (laser spectroscopy and laboratory astrophysics)’ to an audience of around 500 people. “We are very much looking forward to Tim’s lecture in June. He’s a rising star in the field of spectroscopy.” Said Professor Tony Miller, Chair of the Ohio State University International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy. The Coblentz Society is a non-profit organisation founded in 1954, which fosters the understanding and application of vibrational spectroscopy. One of the Coblentz Society’s primary missions is to bestow recognition upon professionals for excellence in the advancement of vibrational spectroscopy. The society and award are named after William Weber Coblentz (1873-1962), who was a US scientist noted for his contributions to infrared radiometry and spectroscopy. Extract from article published in The University of Sydney, Science Alliance Newsletter.