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7. Keith Brain

posted Apr 9, 2012, 8:08 PM by Eddie Woo
All of our Olympians reflect on the enormous impact their Program had on their lives.
For Keith Brain, the 1990 International Physics Olympiad delivered more than just the accolades and the meeting of like-minds.  Keith Brain met Elisabeth Le Strange who was attending the International Mathematics Olympiad.  The two Olympians discovered they shared more than a love of intense international competition.  Several years later after their respective University studies, Keith and Elizabeth married and now have two young children.
Keith’s Olympiad experience encouraged him to study the disciplines of Mathematics and Physics alongside Medicine and Physiology. “The Olympiad taught me to think hard and deeply about problems and to work at understanding problems from first principles.  I really think the Olympiad helped to lead me into a research career.”
And a successful research career at that.  After graduating from the University of Sydney in Mathematics/Physics (Honours), Medicine (Honours) and a PhD in Physiology, Dr Brain was awarded the prestigious Nuffield Research Fellowship at Oxford University in 2001.  A year later, Keith was granted a concurrent three-year Stains Medical Research Fellowship at Exeter College, Oxford.
Keith’s research focuses on the autonomic nervous system and builds on medical understanding of body functions outside direct voluntary control (such as the regulation of blood pressure).
The eminence of his physiology research grows and in 2005 he became a Wellcome Trust Research Fellow.  Wellcome provides the UK’s largest non-governmental source of funds for biomedical research.
It’s a full timetable of research discovery for Dr Keith Brain.  He is frequently published in the most esteemed global medical journals and is revered by his peers for his work on the action of various drugs within the human body.  “I am very proud of my achievements to date and excited by the future possibilities of my research.”
Extract from Brochure published by Australian Science Innovations & Australian Mathematics Trust..