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1. Multiple Sclerosis

posted Apr 9, 2012, 7:58 PM by Eddie Woo
Hi, I am Todd Cameron.  After completing a Bachelor of Business degree I was unlucky to be diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (1991), a horrible disease that I had always associated with a read-a-thon and “someone else”.
Since then I have been married, had three children, run a textile company for seven years and then moved to the self employed world as a financial planner in 1998.
My health was as good as could be expected (three hospital trips only) right through until mid 2002 when it started to worsen, and quickly.  Now I need to use a walking stick most of the time, which certainly alters the way you see yourself.
Deep down I am still the same person….I am still self-employed, I am still married with three kids, I just cannot do some of the things I used to enjoy doing, but I have found other things more rewarding now (such as time with family and friends).
So now I coach a soccer team, do financial planning work for people with MS (and others) and some fundraising for the MS Society of NSW.  All of these are going well.
My comment to you is that life deals out some tough situations, and mine is tough, but it is how you deal with the cards in your hand that counts.