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1. Class of '83 Reunion

posted Apr 9, 2012, 7:55 PM by Eddie Woo
A reunion for all students associated with the year that completed their HSC in 1983 was held at the Epping Club on Saturday 25th October.
After 18 months of work by a small,  but dedicated team, we were nearly sunk before we started, with a hail storm on Saturday afternoon cutting power to a lot of the area.  We were told that if power was not restored by 6.30pm then the evening would be cancelled.  We had a nervous half hour waiting out the front of the club.

Luckily ol’ JC smiled down upon us – I’m talkin’ about JC Hoskins of course, and right on 6.30pm the lights came on!  I’m sure he went up to the big guy, just like he used to do with the Department of Education and duly got his way.

When we considered early leavers and those who joined for the senior years, we had just over 150 people in our year.  We ended up with 86 people at the function and we were pretty happy with that.  Disappointingly, there were a few people we were unable to locate.  However, it appears that all but 3 of us are still around somewhere.

The students of that year are spread far and wide – US, Sweden, UK, Ghana to name a few.  Attendees travelled from Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and rural parts.  There were plenty more who wanted to attend but were unable.

We had no official formal part of the evening, but we were treated to a short speech by Mr John Skinner, our beloved Year Master, topped off with a R-U-S-E cry!….aaah, take me back to Englefield Stadium!!!

It would be nice to have more teachers at the next one.

A fantastic night was had by all and the partying continued long after leaving the Epping Club at midnight.  We visited one of the old stomping grounds afterwards.  Epping pub looks a lot different from 20+ years ago when we first frequented it, but the beer still tastes the same!  (OK, you 4 unit maths freaks probably just worked out we were under-age when we went there, but only a little bit!!!)

Many old friendships were re-kindled and hopefully will continue until our next re-union, which will be for 25 years.

Re-unions are a blast (is there an up-to-date word for “blast”?).  I encourage everyone to attend theirs when they get an opportunity.  A word of advice for those doing the planning, start early, it takes longer than you think, but it’s a lot of fun!  We started our own website, but the school now provides this great service so encourage all your contacts to list here first and keep contact details up to date.  Another great resource is the website:

We opted for the canapé style service (no sit down meal) with fixed price for food and drinks to 10pm.  This encouraged everyone to keep mingling and made for a great night. I would thoroughly recommend anyone organizing a reunion to contact the club and view the facilities.
Glen Paine