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2. Letters of Acceptance

posted Apr 9, 2012, 7:28 PM by Eddie Woo
In December 1966 James C Hoskin sent out letters to 110 or so unsuspecting 12 year olds informing them that they had been selected for the 6 long years at Ruse. A number of these letters are still in existence - the text below was supplied by Peter Smith.. Note the use of the title "Master" for the addressees and the requirement to complete the enclosed enrolment form "in your neatest handwriting"! For each and every one of us, a letter like this started our association with The Boss and James Ruse.


Dear Master Smith,

I wish to congratulate you on being selected for entry to my school.  Would you kindly complete the enclosed Enrolment Form in your neatest handwriting, and bring it to the school on Wednesday, 1st February, 1967.

You have been placed in Class 1C.  The home room of this class is No. 18 in the Cameron Block.

For the purposes of sport competition, you have been placed in Mullavey House, and you should buy a T-shirt of the appropriate colour. 

I also include an information sheet and details of school uniform.

Yours sincerely,

(Real signature)

James C Hoskin,