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1. Noteworthy People

posted Apr 9, 2012, 7:25 PM by Eddie Woo
This page contains links to various Websites about ex-JR people.

A number of guys also have entries on the website.   Here I have only listed schoolfriends entries that contain substantial biographies.   You have to be registered with schoolfriends to access their site, but it costs nothing to join.


Colin Anderson:   Colin's achievements both before and since James Ruse are listed in stunning detail in the Citation for his honorary Doctorate of Arts awarded by Charles Sturt University in 2000.   Colin is "more or less retired now" but still enjoys hearing from his former students.   Any contact messages for Col may be sent to Ron Lovitt and will be passed on to him.

Mike McClellan:   The story of Mike's Songwriting and Musical achievements is told on his music website.   He has a separate website for his marketing business.


Jim Armstrong:   Jim is unable to attend the reunion but has sent the following message: 

In case anyone is interested I've been working for the Soil Conservation Service and all its subsequent manifestations since I left uni. I started in CowraGrenfell, then to Inverell and now in Goulburn. Mainly doing work on soils, water quality, and catchment monitoring. Had a project in Indonesia for a number of years which involved several short trips to Java and South Kalimantan. My wife and I are currently living in town but  hope to retire on a few acres somewhere eventually (as long as it does'nt involve too much work!).
Graeme Cox:   Graeme lives in Canberra and is a Director of a company called Intology Pty Ltd (Intelligent Technology).   Intology deals in a range of Technologies mostly concerned with accessing and managing knowledge assets, including email and the internet.  He has an impressive range of clients including Government Departments, Telstra and the NRMA.   To see the sort of thing that Graeme is getting up to access his website:
Wayne Deeth:   after working for a lot of years as a Maths teacher Wayne now operates his own company Future Achievement Australia.    His website gives an idea of some of the things he gets up to during the week.  He has also started working with camels (yes camels!!!) on his property at Thirlmere.   Apparently bull camels are very dangerous so Wayne only keeps cows but they play a central role in some of his team building activities for clients.

Gary Garner:   left JR after School Certificate to become a jackaroo in Western NSW.   Since then his career has been adventurous and varied.   His personal website is at:

Mike Golding:   Mike and Benjawan Golding are both accredited teachers and run a business involved in interpreting the Thai language.   Their clients have included the Dept of Defence and the Victorian and Federal Police.  Mike taught at the Royal Australian Air Force School of Languages for three years and presently teaches at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.   For details see Mike's website at:

Mal Hiley:   used his Civil Engineering skills to organise a staff and management buyout of the old Waterways Authority wharf construction section to create Waterway Construction Pty Ltd of which Mal is now the General Manager.   In 1999 he became chairman of the Sydney Harbour Maritime Forum which  represents the interests of all "working harbour" industries.   You can get an idea of the sort of things Mal has been getting up to on his company website

Michael Miller:   has a diverse work background including professional acting work in film, stage, televison and commercials.   See his entry on the website.   You need to be registered with schoolfriends to access this website but it costs nothing to join.

Mick Randall:   has mostly worked for local councils and has interests in motor bikes.    See his entry on the website.   You need to be registered with schoolfriends to access this website but it costs nothing to join.

Greg Smith:   did most of his growing after leaving James Ruse.   Is much taller and broader than he was when we knew him.   Greg became an accountant and has built himself a very interesting little niche in an unexpected corner of the Accounting profession.   See the "About Us" page of his website for a full understanding of what Greg has been getting up to.   

Trevor Truscott:  Trevor is unable to attend the reunion but has sent the following message: 

I've been living in QLD since 1989 when I transferred with QANTAS. My wife Sandra and I have 5 grown up kids between us. We live at Cleveland which is a bayside suburb of Brisbane.   Hope you have a great time at the reunion (I'll be in Melbourne).   I'd be happy to be contacted by anyone who wishes to do so.