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1. Gary Hill

posted Apr 9, 2012, 6:57 PM by Eddie Woo

I attended Ruse in the good old days from 63 to 67 leaving in 5th Form.  It was interesting to read James Hoskin’s memo of capitulation re hair length, while there a number of students fell foul of that regulation.  At the time we thought he tended to be a little old fashioned and restrictive at times but he always had the best interest of the school (staff and students) at heart and provided an incredible amount of support to those in need. 
After leaving Ruse I tried a number of occupations in a number of industries in an attempt to find myself (I blame the times for that), now at the age of 54 I am pleased to say that I am still looking though at a rather more leisurely pace. 
Recently (1995) I decided to finally take the advice given to me when I left school by James Hoskin and attend university.  I moved to Bendigo to attend La Trobe University where I completed a BA (ceramics), Bachelor of Visual Art Honours, and am currently working on a PhD studying 13th to 16th  century ceramic production in Thailand and other SEA countries.   All very well but it is time consuming and, as I hope to finish in about 12 months, I need to think of where to look for myself next, ah life is far too short.  Actually it’s a good thing about Buddhism, lots of lives in which to try again although, depending on the branch you favour (Mahayana or Theravada), the rebirth process can be uncomfortable.
Enough of this, I must stop rambling on as I am not yet old enough to get away with it.  If anyone has any further information, photo’s etc from 63 to 68 but is unsure how to prepare them for a web page I am willing to help in any way I can.  I can be contacted via the following email address

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