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3. 40 Year Reunion

posted Apr 9, 2012, 6:55 PM by Eddie Woo
A 40 reunion for the class of 1962 -1967 was held on Sat 20 Oct 2007
The Class of 1962 – 1967 reunion (AKA Wyndham guinea pigs)
A second major reunion was held on October 20 2007 to celebrate the 40th year since our group did the first HSC.
The planning was undertaken over a year with extensive use of email and a gradual build-up of the contact list.  Despite that, contact was still only made with 42 who either started at James Ruse at the beginning of 1962 or joined the group later (140 in total).
The reunion was in two parts and worked particularly well with a midday less formal gathering at James Ruse making the slightly more formal evening function that much easier.
James Ruse BBQ and walk through.
(photographs – some problems publishing to this JR Union site at the moment so temporarily the photos will be hosted on )
We were so lucky to have Graeme Elder working onsite at James Ruse.  Graeme organised a wonderful display of photographs/memorabilia from our school days in the new library.
A great BBQ lunch was also provided by Graeme and Heather Elder with cakes and coffee to follow.  It was a roaring success and Graeme's work and generosity were acknowledged by all.
It was great to meet Robin Legge who coordinates the Old Boys (JRUnion website and database).  Robin also assisted in making us welcome at the old school.  The buildings were open to us and we walked and relived many fond and some painful memories.
The new principal Larissa Treskin (the first woman principal of JRAHS) called in to the BBQ and spoke to assembled crowd.
Colin Anderson also attended and can be seen in at least on photo enjoying the proximity of snags.
The attendance list at James Ruse were:
(in the order L to R from the class photo taken on the day)
John Smale (&Lynda)
Graeme Elder (&Heather)
Richard Wakeling
Phil Black
Tony Bovill
Jim Creech
Chris Weale
Warwick Tweedie
Jeff Anderson
Ed Mulligan(&Ros)
Craig Bryant (&Vivienne)
Don Scott-Kemmis (&Jane)
Jim Jacobs
Robert Chapman (& ##)
Alan Rogers (&Phyllis)
Colin Mc Brown (&Karen)
Barry Evans (&Wendi)
Greg Richards
Paul Bentley
Colin G Brown
Garth Henniker
Robert Stuchbury (&Jan)
Ron Jamieson
Evening Restaurant function
(photographs – some problems publishing to this JR Union site at the moment so temporarily the photos are hosted on )
Greg Richards coordinated this event at the lovely Banjo Paterson Family Cottage Restaurant by the water at Gladesville.  Drinks and canopes were served on the lawn as the sunset.  A great choice and a classy night!  Thanks Greg.
Other than the lads in attendance at the earlier event, Don (and Diane) Byron, Gary Robertson, Elaine Peterson and some brave partners attended this function.
Alan Rogers proposed a toast the absent friends.
A great night followed with the night being enlivened by speeches by both Col Anderson and Elaine Peterson.
Apologies were noted from:
Bob Cadden, Robert Cheek, Max Eady, Hal Evans, Jeff Henningham, Peter Holley,  Ron Jamieson (for the evening),  Barry McLaws (Viney ),  Tony Ross, Garry Wilson.
Craig Bryant
2007 reunion convenor
Please update your contact details by emailing Craig  cybrgrey at iinet  com au
It is hoped that a more regular informal get together might be organised by some of the Sydney base oldboys.
And a few comments:

John Smale said:

To all my fellow students, thank you for a wonderful evening.
My wife, Lynda (an excellent judge) enjoyed herself immensely.
That speaks volumes for us........Well done everyone.
A special note to all of you for rekindling so many great memories.
Especially, we should thank Graeme Elder for his sensational contribution, organization, "library skills" & behind the scenes briefing of the current teaching administration body.
Elaine Peterson said:
A quick note to repeat my thanks for the invitation to last Saturday's reunion. It was charming to meet so many people I remember and who remember me. There is great sense of camaraderie and good citizenship about you all- such a happy situation in today's frenetic world. If you are speaking to Greg Richards, please pass on my special thanks to him
Les Moth said:
What a fantastic weekend.  Having not attended the 25 year reunion I was a little apprehensive at what these type of events are like.  However, on all counts both parts of the Saturday agenda exceeded my wildest expectations.  How good it was to catch up with the old group.  Once we moved past aligning names with the (now aged) faces (!), it was just like yesterday.
Thank you to Craig, Greg and Graeme for the immense work put into the organising.  It was terrific.
Count me in for any future such event.  I would be happy to assist in any work load associated.
I look forward to now keeping in more active touch with renewed frienships.
Garth Henniker said:
I certainly agree with Les' comments.  It was great to catch up with old friends again and see what everyone's been doing over the last 40 years.  Certainly, as Les mentioned, the faces of old gradually appeared as talk and wine/beer removed the lines of time. 
 Prowling around JR on Saturday was in many respects a time warp as it took me back to my days there (and enjoyable days they were too). 
 Thanks again to Craig, Greg and Graeme for the huge effort you guys put into organising the reunion. 
 Looking forward to the next one.