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1. 25 Year Reunion

posted Apr 9, 2012, 6:49 PM by Eddie Woo
There was movement at the station, for the word had passed around
That the colts with no regrets had got away…
But on 7 November 1992 many of them assembled back at Ruse. It was an event to note the 25 years since their departure from the home of deeds not words.
The event was organised by Robert Fletcher and Craig Bryant from the A team, who yet again impressed the boss but for different reasons this time.
The lads who made it will be, to the best of a fading memory’s ability, listed at the end of this small report.
The event took the shape of an assembly and walk around the old school followed by an onsite BBQ overlooking the oval.  Ed Mulligan arrived in true form in his same old ford. 
Headmaster (the Late James Hoskin) and School Captain, (the ever youthful Don Scott Kemmis) gave their blessing and attended.  Bill Toft (DP) also was in attendance.
The 1992 class photo was hardly discernable from the 1967 version except for the colour format.
We planted a tree in the front garden (where boys and girls, I believe!!) still can’t walk.  No reports yet on how it is doing these 12 years later.
The day concluded with a dinner at Café Stivell (Hunters Hill).  We were honoured by the presence of Elaine Peterson and Colin Anderson.  Colin spoke as did “the boss”.
Col Anderson said, amongst other things:
“So why reunite? What is in the human psyche that tells us, at a certain age, that we need to undergo such a ritual? Are we, like certain types of birds that fly north for the winter seeking warmth and pleasure? Or are we like lemmings… anxious to fling ourselves off the cliff? Are we masochists or optimists?
I mean, lets be honest. When you walked (ran? wheelied?) out the gates of your old alma mater all those 25 years ago, and flung you much hated hats in the air, surely the last thing you could ever have imagined was wanting to see most of your old school buddies ever… and I mean ever – again.”  [A more complete extract from Col's speakers’ notes are published on this site]
So apart from a few pics of the event published on this site, that’s it till someone else re-ignites the school motto and does it again while we still have breath.
Participants as best can be recalled:
Col Anderson (Teacher)
Phil Black
Col Brown (now Principal at Yanco!!)
Craig Bryant
Bob Cadden
Robert Chapman
Max Eady
Graham Elder
Barry Evans
Robert Fletcher
Chris Hill
James Hoskin (the boss)
Jim Jacobs
Greg Richards
Ron Jamieson
Ed Mulligan
John O’Sullivan
Elaine Peterson (Teacher)
Gary Robertson
"Butch" Viney
Allan Rogers
Don Scott-Kemmis
John Smale
Bill Toft (Deputy Principal)
Warwick Tweedie
Chris Weale.
Apologies in advance if I missed you, corrections gratefully accepted.