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September 2010 - from the Principal

posted Apr 10, 2012, 5:28 PM by Eddie Woo
Honorary Prefects. Mrs Cindy Chong was awarded the honour of Honorary Prefect.. In her absence we acknowledged her wonderful contribution to our school. Her association with the school began when her daughter Amanda started Year 7 in 2000. Quickly offering to volunteer across the school Cindy has become a mainstay of our Uniform Shop. She has completed 10 years of volunteer service with the Uniform Shop and for 6 of those 10 years was our Manager. Her commitment to the school and to the support of parents in particular has been so important to our success. Mrs Robin Legge, ex parent and current administration officer, was also awarded the office of Honorary Prefect. Like so many of our parents Robin became involved in the school when her son Andrew was a student here - 24 years later Robin still exhibits her commitment and passion for James Ruse. At our parent teacher night Robin served tea and coffee to the cold parents and teachers for the 24th year. Over her years of service to James Ruse she has attended countless working bees, made costumes for the musicals and run the musical canteen. Perhaps her greatest legacy will be the ex-students' union that she now coordinates; writing four newsletters a year, helping to organise reunions and helping ex-students stay in touch with each other. Her love of James Ruse can also be seen in the countless hours that have been spent preserving and cataloguing our archives. A truly worthy recipient of this award Robin embodies the concept of service that the prefect body symbolises. Robin is retiring at the end of Term 3. We wish her all the best in the next stage of her life. She will continue to assist with the ex-students union and the archives. Food Fair After the success of last year’s 50th celebrations, our parents are keen to repeat the food fair. Please come and join us for food and performances, on Saturday 13th November. 

International Mathematics Olympiad A huge congratulations to our three medal winners. Stacey Law (12) and Sampson Wong (12) both received a silver medal at the International Mathematics Olympiad. Joey Chen (11) also received a Silver medal at the International Biology Olympiad. Kelvin Cheung and Allan Chau returned to Australia on Thursday from the Chemistry Olympiad in Japan with a Bronze medal each. UNSW Law Essay competition Ambika Sethia (12) was presented with her prize for winning the UNSW Law Essay competition by Professor Dickson, Dean of Law. 

Australian Informatics Competition Congratulations to our students who participated in the Australian Informatics Competition earlier this year. We received nine High Distinctions, 14 Distinctions and 10 credits. Edwin Chiu (7), Kevin Shi (8), Vivian Qin (9), Johnny Huang (9), Ivan Leung (10), Benjamin Zhu (9) all received an Award of Excellence for achieving a perfect score. This competition is used by the Australian Mathematics Trust to help identify students who have the potential to be develop skills in the coding and problem solving that is associated with computer programming. ICAS computer skills and science competitions We have also received our results from the ICAS computer skills and science competitions. Ashvin Ragavan, William Ye, Joshua Lau, Delian Entchev and Stephen Phan are all eligible to receive a medal in this year’s Computing Skills competition. Also Patrick Song, Stephanie Wu, Anthony Yang, Zane Zhang and Johnny Huang are eligible to receive a medal in the Science competition. Medals will be presented at a ceremony at UNSW on November 26th. Last year medal winners were advised that bonus ATAR points can be claimed by medal winners who choose to enrol in particular courses at UNSW. 

English ICAS medals: Congratulations to Eklavya Wangoo and Kai Lun for receiving medals in the UNSW ICAS English competition. They will also be presented with their medals on 26 November. 

UNSW Progcomp: Congratulations to Joshua Lau (9C), Evgeny Martynov (11Z) and Kenneth Wong (12Z) who won the UNSW Progcomp . This is the 4th year in a row James Ruse has won. 

Minister’s Award for Excellence in Student Achievement Congratulations to Puneet Sandhu (10T) and Zi Jun Jason Ye (9K) - for their nomination in the Minister’s Award for Excellence in Student Achievement - Community Languages Schools Students of the Year 2010 James Ruse AHS are the CHS Table Tennis champions for the second year in a row. The team of Erny Tsao, Raymond Li, Vinson Wang and Edward Lo-Cao defeated North Sydney Boys High in the semi-final and played St John's Park in the final. After the singles we were tied at 2 all and after the first two doubles, 3 all. We took the final doubles, played by Erny and Raymond, 3-0 to win the gold medal. Special mention needs to be made of Vinson Wang who has been in the team since year 7. In that time he has won 2 gold, 2 silver and a bronze. A truly remarkable achievement. 

Director General for a Day Congratulations on their successful nominations for Director General for a Day, to Roy Chowdhury and Nivvi Krishnan. They both took part in Western Sydney Region’s Regional Director for a Day. Both students were invited to take on the role of School Education Director (SED) and shadowed Mr Daryl Jacobs. Commencing at 8.30am, Roy, Nivvi and other participating students were welcomed by Regional Director, Mr Greg Prior. The group listened to a talk on Sustainability and then participated in a discussion. 

Congratulations to one of our ex students, Vinoth Nandakumar, who having completed his honours in Maths at Sydney University, has been accepted to do his PHD in Pure Maths at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, on full scholarship. Visiting Educators: Thirty five educators including academics, school principals and teachers from many parts of Asia and Australia who had attended the 11th Asia Pacific Conference on Giftedness visited the school. The participants heard curriculum overviews from Head Teachers Mr Ian Woodhouse, Ms Joanne McMillan, Mrs Sheila Pooviah, Mrs Annetta St. Louis and Deputy Principal Ms Megan Connors. The teachers were joined by five year 10 students - Brian Gao, Sharon Mo, Beryl Lin, Nancy Tang and Victor Khou - in a panel discussion focusing on curriculum differentiation across English, Mathematics and Science, student experiences of academic rigour, agriculture and the school culture. In addition, several students led the visitors on tours to the Library, Canteen, Oval, Technology Block and the Farm. The visiting educators were immensely thankful for the efforts of all the teachers and students who provided a view into the realm of arguably one of the best schools in the world. Japanese visitors from Waseda University: Professor Koji Maeda from Waseda and a PHD student from Sydney University Kaguki Shimomura visited the school and toured the farm on Wednesday. Thank you to Wallace Chow, Regina Hong, Grace Liu, Andrew Pan and Rida Sen. State Shakespearean Festival: A huge accomplishment for Year 9 girls Natalie Li, Michelle Wang, and Sing-Young Chen who won the State Shakespearean Festival for their music composition. Reports indicate the girls were “amazing”. There are expectations for the group to go to the Nationals. 

Great Engineering (Science) Challenge: Sixteen year 9 and year 10 students participated in the UNSW Engineering Challenge .Two year 10 teams won two of the challenges which tested the students with problem solving activities. Despite great performances by the students, we did not gain enough points to win the day. We also look forward to hearing about the exciting science links with USYD, particularly year 9 students involved in rocket building. RUSE ROCKETS Over the course of the past two weeks, 4 engineering students from the University of Sydney took up the challenge of teaching the budding scientists of 9K a thing or two about physics. The introductory lessons on motion, forces and Newton’s laws seemed simple enough, but everybody knew that the task that lay ahead would be no walk in the park. In teams and equipped with plastic bottles, foam, wooden blocks, duct tape, and scraps of cardboard, we set out on the mission to build our very own rockets! Each team poured out all their knowledge of aeronautical design, drag, wind resistance, trajectory, and air pressure into the construction of their rockets, in hope of achieving the furthest distance come the day of the launch. On the afternoon of 3/08, we effectively turned the entire school oval into a live firing zone, similar to a scene out of Mythbusters. We were soon left in awe by the magnificent sights of our high-flying specimens, courtesy of pressurised air and torrents of water. This drew curious onlookers, along with a PDHPE staff member who wryly commented, “Isn’t that a bit of dangerous?” Such concerns were rightly justified, as one rocket landed on top of the tool shed on the farm (bearing in mind that the launch took place in the corner of the oval near the boys’ change room). In the end, there could only be one winner (2 in our case – it was really close). Both teams built lightweight and aesthetically pleasing rockets which served their means well. We would like to thank Christine Poon, Jeffrey Leung, Mario Bosnjak, and Martin Wong of the University of Sydney for their time and effort. James Ruse takes out 2010 PWC Australian Economics Competition. All economics students participated in the 2010 Australian Economics competition sponsored by Price Waterhouse Coopers. Congratulations to Kevin Guo (Year 11) who was the National Winner. 8 other students also won prizes in the competition. These include: Blair Wang, Bach Vu, Michael Ma, Clinton Jiang, Sophia Guo, Natasha Pegler, Edlyn Tio and Jack Zhang. A total prize pool of $1025 was won by these students. 

Congratulations to Shi Ling Kou, photographed here receiving the 2010 Pierre de Coubertin Award from the NSW Awards presentation. This award was instigated in 1993 as an integral component of the NSW Olympic 2000 School Strategy to increase the involvement of students in sport. A student from each school can be nominated by the school each year. The student is to be from Year 11 or 12 and is to be an active participant in sport (carnivals, knock-outs, Wednesday sport, coaching, PDHPE and other). The award recipient demonstrates the qualities of fair play, positive attitude, leadership and consistency in effort over the high school years. 

The 49th Annual School Mathematics Competition: Congratulations to the following students on some outstanding results: Senior division winners: equal second prize - Stacey Law; equal third prize - Raveen De Silva; high distinctions - Sampson Wong, Kevin Lam, Alan Xian, Wallace Chow, Nikhil Vasan Junior Division winners: equal second prize – Victor Khou; third prize – Brian Gao; high distinctions – Rachel Wong and Steven Phan. The What Matters writing competition is run by Officeworks and funded by the Whitlam Institute. This year a record 2525 students from over 200 schools across NSW and the ACT took part in the competition. Several James Ruse students entered the competition. Student participation in the competition meant that the school was entered into a draw for competition prizes. As a result a $1000 Officeworks giftcard has been awarded to the school. Representative students will attend a small presentation at Officeworks, Parramatta next week to receive the prize. Thanks to all the students who entered the competition and who have helped the school greatly: Weng Lun (9), Derek Lau (12), Young-Ju Jae (9), Karina Shum (8), Cheuk Lam (9), Cherie Chen (9), Rodger Wu (9), Ashleigh Wong (12), Bridget Lee (9), Isabella Kwai (11) and Dorothy Wong (9). Mr Deigan, Karina Shum, Rodger Wu and Cheuk Lam receive $1000 gift card from Office Works – a prize in the What Matters writing competition announced in last week’s newsletter. Short Films (Secondary) Awards Our school participated in the 2010 Short Film (Secondary) Awards, one of the WeCreate: Connected Learning Awards and Challenges. The Short Film Awards encouraged secondary students in NSW Departmental schools to go behind the scenes and utilise their own creative abilities to develop a short film of three minutes duration. The final round of judging has been completed and we have been informed that Dominique Chan, Freya Kong, Lian Park are to receive an award on behalf of the school for their entry in this year’s competition. All 2010 WeCreate: Connected Learning Awards winners will be presented with their Awards at the Presentation Ceremony to be held in November. 

Congratulations to Erny Tsao (9C) who has been selected to represent NSW to compete in the Australian Junior Table Tennis Championships in Gold Coast from Sunday the 26th of September to Saturday the 2nd of October 2010. Erny was the 2009 Table Tennis National Champion in U13 Boys Team, U13 Boys Singles and U13 Boys Doubles, and 1st runner-up in U13 Mixed Doubles. He has been ranked number 1 of U13 Boys in NSW and Australia nationally in 2009, and number 3 of U15 Boys in Oceania in July 2010, and selected into the 2010 National Junior Squad. Cadet Passing Out Parade: We farewelled 15 Year 12 cadets .The cadet parade was magnificent. Our guest was Dr Alan Fahey, school captain of 1970, as well as being the senior cadet and ISCF leader. He spoke of how he had combined his agriculture and medical knowledge in his research on “mad cow disease” and of his lobbying the government against the importation of meat products, given this disease exists in 22 countries. He also reminisced on his early cadet experiences, including regularly taking his rifle home on the bus! Awards Day. This was again a wonderful occasion. Our guest speaker was Magdalena Roze, from the class of 1999, who in 11 years, has had an amazing career on Getaway, BBC, The National Geographic Channel and now as a presenter on the Weather Channel. She won an ASTRA award (the payTV logies) for her coverage of the Victorian bushfires. Not having studied science at school , she is now a national expert on meteorology, which she studied as a postgraduate qualification, following her undergraduate media degree. We look forward to another eventful Term after the holidays. 

Larissa Treskin