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March 2011 - Farm News

posted Apr 10, 2012, 5:41 PM by Eddie Woo
Hello all, while the floods and disasters of the world and floods and cyclones have affected parts of Australia, the weather on James Ruse Farm is relatively “normal”. We are waiting for decent rain, so student plots are pretty bare and the stock are eating very dry pasture. Cannot complain however, as we have a shed full of hay as a back-up. We have 5 lovely calves, all born within 10 days of each other, thanks to the virile bull we leased last year from Sweven Stud. The exercise was such a success that we have arranged to do the same again this year. 

The relocation of the bee hives to the Bottom Lane Paddock is working well- no more stings to students, though it is a little less convenient for the Parramatta Amateur Beekkeepers’ Association when they want to inspect or work the hives. I have recently joined the above Association, and have met some lovely, friendly, knowledgeable people from all walks of life who are into beekeeping. They will have a stall at the forthcoming Castle Hill Show and I am sure if you are interested, you will be welcome at their meetings, which are held, in my teaching room on the JR farm- You may recognize it as Room 24 or more recently as F1.1. Meetings are held at 7.30pm on the second Wednesday of the month. If you would like more information, the Secretary is Dave Wilson, 94842596. 

Animal Handling Experience for prospective Veterinary students is well under way on Wednesday afternoons. So far they have gained skills with cattle- use of the crush, drenching, milking, drafting, and experienced tattooing, eartagging and rectal palpation which was, I believe, the most memorable experience of all. We move onto sheep work, and in the new term they meet Abbey the Australian Stock Horse for equine adventures. I am nearing the end of an Holistic Management Course (A Framework for Decision Making) which is being run by TAFE Western at Wingham. It is based on the book Holistic Management by Alan Savory. who is the creator of Holistic Management International. His method of making decisions holistically is permeating the world, both in the Agricultural field and for people in every day decision making. The course has given me positive direction in both my private life and the means to make more Holistically aligned decisions for the Farm. 

All the best to everyone, 
Gail Roberts 
Ag Teacher and Farm Manager