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March 2006 Update

posted Apr 10, 2012, 4:48 PM by Eddie Woo
The Premier, The Hon Morris Iemma has been invited to open two new school blocks, the Canteen and Technology Blocks, on a Sunday (pm) of his choice.  We will turn this day into an Open Day with a multicultural food “fest”, the Official Opening and a 20 minute gala fireworks display.  Funds raised on the day will be added to our Gymnasium Building Fund which now stands at $825,000 and by the end of the year will be up to $1 Million.  If any ex-student wishes to contribute to this tax deductible fund please give me a call on 9871 7126.  We plan to build at the end of next year.
Congratulations to the class of 1965 for the excellent organisation and camaraderie of your 40th Year Reunion.  Many a tale was recounted of the infamous Jim Hoskin, founding Principal 1959 to 1978 and other notable teachers, several past teachers were present including Elaine Peterson and Colin Anderson.  It was proposed that an “Honour Roll” be erected in our foyer of Barrengarry House to recognise all past students who represented Australia on active duty in the armed services.  Five such “old boys” from 1965 served in Vietnam.  If you have served and wish to be included on the Honour Roll please drop me an email with Name, Regimental Number and theatre served in to:
Speaking of active service Major General Mark Kelly (JR 1974) is the Guest of Honour at our annual ANZAC Day Memorial Service to be held at 10:00am on April 11 in the JC Hoskin Auditorium.  At the conclusion of the service Mark will unveil a plaque on our Gallipoli Lone Pine (planted in 1999 from seeds brought back in 1918) which is now 6 metres tall.  Visiting ex-students are more than welcome to attend.

Robin Legge