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March 2006 - from the President

posted Apr 10, 2012, 4:48 PM by Eddie Woo
I hope the year so far has been an enjoyable and profitable one for you and all of our fellow Rusians.
Having spent the term so far teaching in south-west Sydney, I must admit I miss the charisma and charm of our old school.  Where else would you find Year 7 students asking to learn about trigonometry?  Where else does the school allow you to participate in the musical even if you’re tone deaf and think a “box step” is some sort of device to stand on?  Where else are you able to duck down to the farm and create a salad (albeit by stealthily “borrowing” from the Year 7 plots) when you’ve forgotten your lunch?  I’m sure many of us remember instances like these that not only make our alma mater unique, but also create a shared experience for all ex-students across the years.
Reading the numerous contributions to GNV, it is wonderful to see how many ex-students do remember their time at Ruse with fondness.  Of course, we all had those times when we wished we were in a different school, but as the years since school start to outnumber the years we were there, all that remains is a sense of belonging that helps form our identity.  I hope to see many more Ruse-ites share their memories and news (especially gossip of former students) with our community by contributing to GNV.  Send your stories to Robin Legge at
Speaking to gossip, I just want to add one little piece of news from my life.  I recently became an aunty to Maxwell Felix Streeter.  That’s right, my brother David (1990) and his wife Mary-Anne had their first child in January.  The main thing I’m grateful for is that they didn’t have a girl, in case David came through on his threat to name her “Rhoda Laina”.
Enjoy the rest of the term, and continue to…
Alexandra Streeter (1997)