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December 2005 - from the President

posted Apr 10, 2012, 4:47 PM by Eddie Woo
When Michael Quinlan approached me with the proposition of stepping into Carmen Kong’s shoes as president of the Union, the question that immediately popped into mind was, “Why ask me?”
Several possible answers rapidly followed.  Was it:
a)       because my brother used to be president?
b)       because I was great at English at school?
c)       because I had just walked in the school gate?
After speaking with Michael it became apparent that a) was incorrect, due to Michael not realising that David and I are siblings, and upon further reflection I recalled that my English composition skills were outstandingly ordinary in comparison to my fellow classmates at Ruse, thus b)b was also not the correct option.  As Sherlock Holmes said, “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth,” accordingly I had the answer to my question.  It was with delight that I accepted Michael’s offer and I look forward to contributing to the upkeep of the Union.
You may wonder what strange series of coincidences led me to walk in the school gate just as Michael was patrolling for uniform checks on the day a new president was needed, so ponder no longer!  I will proceed to alleviate your musings.  I, like many souls before me, had decided to enter the teaching profession and was spending the term teaching Mathematics at our alma mater.  Yes!  Me!  A Mathematics teacher!  Sorry, I just could feel your reactions being akin to my old teachers (as in previous, not aged..!)  when I appeared in their staffroom.  Although in returning to the school I felt I had joined the dark side, my experiences teaching the “Ruse-ters” made me realise there is no sense of “students versus teachers”, just a wonderful sense of community, the common goal of striving for excellence not as individuals, but as an invincible and unstoppable force.  The company of people in which I found myself, composed of students, teachers, administrative and support staff, made me feel like after many years away I had finally come home to the old stomping ground.  And yes, I do have the cow pats on the soles of my shoes to prove it.
Alexandra Streeter  (1997)